Welcome to Salem Covenant Church!


We seek to be a people who pursue a loving relationship with God, and a compassionate and caring relationship with each other and our world.



Learn more about Salem's long history, what we believe and our core values.

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Growing in Christ.

There are many ways to grow in our faith and to connect with God. We have different rates of growth and find ourselves on different parts of the spiritual journey. At Salem, we offer a variety of opportunities for people of all ages to engage with our amazing God!

 Growing together.

Relationship is at the heart of who we are and Relational is who we aim to be: with God and with one another in meaningful and authentic ways.

Summer Schedule Begins June 12 - August 27

Worship on Sundays, 10:30 am. Childcare is provided.

We hope you will join us!

Summer Sermon Series • Jun 12 - Aug 27

Just as aspects in nature teach us of the character of God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, so do animals. With their unique traits, God uses a wide variety of animals, reptiles, and insects in His Word to teach us truths about the character of God, about the nature of humankind, and about the Christian faith. Through these living creatures He provides us examples of how to live as Christ-followers and about the relationship shared between the Almighty and His people. This summer we will look at different passages within Scripture that include animals (wild and domesticated), insects, birds, reptiles, and fish as symbols, metaphors or divine agents of God.

These won't be cute stories about clever animals and their playful antics, but rather profound insights as we seek to grow in our love and knowledge of Christ. We hope you will join us for this intriguing study.