I rejoiced with those who said to me,
“Let us go to the house of the Lord.”
Easter Sunday 2015

Easter Sunday 2015


Worship is a gift from God and it is our gift to God. It is one way we can bring glory to His name. It is a way we can express our deepest feelings and prayers to God. It is a time to express our appreciation, gratitude, and adoration for God. It is a time to learn, pray, and sing together in Jesus' name.

We gather as one for worship every Sunday at 10:30 am. We sing hymns and praise songs, listen to our gifted choir, hear the word of God both read and proclaimed, and participate in the Sacraments. During the service, we also include time for the children to hear a message tailored especially for them. Sometimes audio-visual materials are used to share selected videos or presentations.


Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month. Participation in this holy Sacrament is for all who confess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Communion is shared by both Intinction (in the even months)by passing the Bread and Cup (odd months). Gluten-free bread is also provided.

Throughout the year, different types of services are offered including: Prayer & Healing Services, All Saints Sunday, Memorial Day, Holy Week services, and more.

Our Choir

Our Adult and Children’s Choirs singing

Our Adult and Children’s Choirs singing

Music as part of our worship experience is highly valued at Salem. We believe music (both instrumental and voice) is a wonderful way for people to express their passion and love for God and to bring glory to His name. We are grateful for those who have the gift of song to share it with all of God's people. 

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The Salem Covenant Church Choir has had a long history of excellence. These committed members rehearse Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm. There are approximately 15 people in the choir and they sing almost every Sunday. In addition to Sunday Worship, the Choir presents an annual Christmas Concert and other special programs during the year. In the summer, members in the Choir will sing occasional solos, as a duet or in smaller ensembles.